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Primary Area of Specialization

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The Primary Area of Specialization of your master's program are courses totaling to 20 credit points that you choose from one of the main research activities of the participating physics institutes listed below. In general, this focus also serves as the basis of your M.Sc. thesis. With a suitable choice of the Secondary Area of Specialization and the Elective Area, the final determination of the Primary Area of Specialization can by done later.

According to choice of the primary area of specialization in combination with the start in the summer semester or winter semester a suitable choice of the courses is possibly not obvious. If you have problems in the planning of the courses, please contact directly one of the coordinators named in the respective module description. The coordinator will help you in the temporal planning.

Please note that due to the recent change in the examination regulations two versions of the module handbook are given below.

Primary Area of Specialization

Lectures Course
General Theory of Relativity / Quantum Field Theory        Lectures
Condensed Matter PhysicsLectures
Molecular PhysicsLectures
Nuclear and Particle PhysicsLectures
Solid State Theory / Computational PhysicsLectures
Statistical and Biological PhysicsLectures