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Master of Science (bis 2024)

Our two year master program in Physics builds up on the knowledge and skills students have aquired in their bachelor programs. The program's language is English. It comprises a mandatory part of required courses (Advanced Quantum Mechanics or Statistical Physics and Advanced Lab Courses), as well as a spezialization part in which our students choose two physical areas according to their interests from a number of research areas covered by the Physics Institutes of Cologne and Bonn.

To broaden the horizon and promote multidisciplinarity the master program also compasses an elective part allowing students to choose among a great number of courses from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences including additional courses in Physics.

The master thesis is combined with two introductory projects which gives students enough time to direct towards the frontier of current research during the Research Part of the program.

Owing to its research oriented focus the Cologne master program prepares for a consecutive PhD program.

The master program as well as the consecutive PhD program are embedded in the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy, BCGS.

Flexible Program

One can enroll in the master program both in summer (term begins in April) and winter (term starts in October). Lab courses, elective part, primary and secondary area of specialization and the thesis in combination with the introductory projects can be scheduled flexibly.


Admission to the master program requires a Bachelor of Science in physics or a comparable qualification. As the language of instruction is English international students are welcome to apply for our program.