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Secondary Area of Specialization

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At the beginning courses in two main areas of specialization will be taken. These subjects are oriented at the main research activities of the participating physics institute. One of the subjects will develop into the primary the other into the secondary area of specialization.

The Secondary Area of Specialization consists of courses with a total of 8 credit points. These courses can be selected  from one of the main research activities of the participating physics institutes of the University of Cologne listed below. Alternatively courses from one of the research topics listed below of the University of Bonn will be accredited. Some of these lectures are transmitted via video to Cologne. These lectures can be found on the websites of the  Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy.

Secondary Areas of Specialization may also be accredited as   Elective Subject. If you have problems in the planning of the courses, please contact directly the coordinators named in the respective module description.


Secondary Area of Specialization

LecturesCourse OfferingsModule Handbook
General Theory of Relativity / Quantum Field TheoryLectures
Condensed Matter PhysicsLectures
Molecular PhysicsLectures
Nuclear and Particle PhysicsLectures
Solid State Theory / Computational PhysicsLectures
Statistical and Biological PhysicsLectures
Cosmology (Bonn)Lectures
Experimental Hadron Physics (Bonn)Lectures
High Energy Particle Physics (Bonn)Lectures
Physics in Medicine (Bonn)Lectures
Quantum Optics and Optical Condensed Matter Physics (Bonn)Lectures
Theoretical Hadron Physics (Bonn)Lectures
Theoretical Particle Physics (Bonn)Lectures