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Elective Part

The Elective Part continues to aquaint students with another (non)physical field of research and to strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge.

The module Elective Area covers advanced courses with 12 credit points in total. In general, the courses are from topics in Natural Sciences.

In principle, all courses offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that have an appropriate level, which are offered by physics departments of the university of Bonn or are part of the Quantum Technology focus area in Aachen (see Specialization Part). The courses

  • must not belong to areas chosen in the Specialization Part,
  • must not agree with the content of a course which has been accredited for your bachelor or another part of the master program,

Hint: You can use the Elective Area for the course in Advanced Theoretical Physics or an additional labcourse you have not chosen in the Madatory part. It's also possible to chose another field from the Specialization Part as your Elective.

Important Notes

  • There is a list of typical and recommended combinations of courses below. If you think about other combinations please consult the course guidance or the examination office in advance.
  • A consultation regarding the needed previous knowledge is recommended.
  • The number of participants might be limited in specific courses offered by other departments.
  • Unless otherwise regulated, the rules of the organizing department or faculty apply to imported modules.
  • The module examination can consist of a maximum of three examination elements.
  • In case you plan to take an isolated seminar (i.e. not corresponding to any other area you have chosen) of 3 CPs to complete your elective area, you can do an oral exam about the seminar comparable to the ones in the areas of specialization. Alternatively, your seminar talk can be graded in case you have registered beforehand in the examination office!

Recommended Courses