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Curriculum & Modules

The master program consists of the parts listed in the table below, which – except for the research part – can be studied in any order and also in parallel.

The research part essentially is a large continuous project comprising progress reports (in form of presentations) which concludes the master program. Usually the whole research part is carried out coherently in one of the research groups.

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Part Module Annotations
Mandatory Part Practical Training I & II 2 labcourses + advanced seminar
Advanced Theoretical Physics Advanced Quantum Mechanics or Advanced Statistical Physics
Specialization Part Primary Area Overall at least 18 CPs
Secondary Area Overall at least 12 CPs
Elective Part Elective Area Courses of in total 12 credit points offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the physics department of Bonn or the Quantum Technology focus area in Aachen.
Research Part Introductory Project I Prerequisites for attending: completion of everything but the seminar of the Mandatory Part.
Introductory Project II
Master Thesis and Colloquium Prerequisites for attending: completion of all other modules.

Study Schedule

Here you find a typical schedule. It is not only possible, but necessary to plan your own schedule or to at least adapt this study schedule to your individual needs. I.e. if you do the mandatory advanced theory module in your first or in your second semester depends on your choice: Advanced Statistical Physics is only offered in the winter term, Advanced Quantum Mechanics only in the summer term.

Please do not hesitate to contact the "Fachschaft" or the Course Guidance for assistance.