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Starting the Master's program – Master Welcome Week

To welcome all new students to the physics master program in Cologne the Cologne Physics Department, the BCGS and the student council organize a Master Welcome Week each semester. The Master Welcome Week has different purposes therefore the program consists of a lot of things:

  • Getting to know each other: people from around the world, people from different German universities, people who have done their Bachelor in Cologne
  • All the information you need to plan a successful start without being overwhelmed by all the possibilities you have
  • Getting started in Germany, getting started in Cologne: Visa, health insurance, housing, public, German courses, free bikes transportation – whatever issues you have
  • What are the resources you can use in the Cologne Physics Department? From Software licenses to band rehearsal
  • Getting to know the course guidance and the student representative
  • Guided campus tour, sports program, student locations close to university…
  • Labtours and scientific talks by advanced students
  • Specialties of the German university system and their interesting history
  • Fun, fun, fun!

The dates are not alternatives but there is a 2,5-day program. Nevertheless, it is of course possible to come to individual dates if you can't make the others. Participation in the entire first semester programme is of course not compulsory, but is highly recommended to all those starting their master's degree in Cologne, regardless if you have done your bachelor in Cologne or somewhere else. Registration is not required. The program is always (except for Friday where it starts in the afternoon) planned for the whole day, until late in the evening! (If you have problems going home late, don’t hesitate to contact us for a couch close to university)

Informational Meeting by Course Guidance

There will also be an informational meeting by the course guidance at the beginning of the semester, both in presence and via Zoom. We will provide some general information about the course program and how to use KLIPS2.0.
It is therefore a good opportunity to ask questions concerning the study course, the lectures, the lab courses etc. Participation is optional, but highly recommended!

Semester ticket

Please note that the semester ticket is not valid before October 1st or April 1st.

From April 1st 2024 the semester ticket is upgraded and expanded to nationwide public transportation in Germany. However, please note that you must always carry both your digital "Deutschlandticket" and an id card with you and be able to present them both if requested during a ticket inspection. The ticket is non-transferable. For more information, please visit the website of the KVB (english version not available yet).