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Theoretical Particle Physics (Bonn)

Lectures in theoretical particle physics can be chosen from the list given below. For introduction, the lecture Theoretical Particle Physics, physics615, is strongly recommended. More information on the contents of each lecture and required knowledge can be found from the description of the lectures, see links.

Lecture Title / Topic

Code (Bonn)HPWCPSemester
*Theoretical Particle Physics physics6153+27W
Advanced Theoretical Particle Physics physics6363+27S
Advanced Theoretical Physics physics6073+27W
Group Theory physics7513+27W
Superstring Theory physics7523+27S
Theoretical Particle Astrophysics physics7533+27S
Quantum Field Theory physics7553+27S
Quantum Chromodynamics physics7583+27W/S
Supersymmetry physics7613+16W/S
Seminars on Current Topics in Theoretical Particle Physics24S

*recommended as first lecture