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Experimental Hadron Physics (Bonn)

Lectures in experimental hadron physics can be chosen from the list given below. For introduction, the lecture Particle Physics, physics611, is strongly recommended. More information on the contents of each lecture and required knowledge can be found from the description of the lectures, see links.

Lecture Title / Topic

Code (Bonn)HPWCPSemester
*Particle Physics physics6113+16W
Physics of Hadrons physics6323+16S
Physics of Particle Detectors physics6183+16W
Accelerator Physics physics6123+16W
Physics with Antiprotons physics72023W
Experiments on the Structure of Hadrons physics7152+14W
Intensive Week: Advanced Topics in Hadron Physics physics72134W/S
Seminars on Current Topics in Hadron Physics24S

*recommended as first lecture