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Cosmology (Bonn)

Lectures in Cosmology can be chosen from the list given below. For introduction, the lecture Cosmology, astro812, is strongly recommended. More information on the contents of each lecture and required knowledge can be found from the description of the lectures, see links.

Lecture Title / Topic

Code (Bonn) HPW CP Semester


astro812 3+1 6 W

Observational Cosmology

astro845 2+1 4 S
Multiwavelength Observations fo Galaxy Clusters astro849 2+1 4 S
Gravitational Lensing astro852 2+1 4 S

Dark matter and dark energy explored by radio and X-ray observations

astro855 2 3 W
The cosmic history of the intergalactic medium astro859 2+1 4 W
Seminar on Cosmology astro891 2 4 W/S

*recommended as first lecture