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Assignment and Application for Exams



The KLIPS2 examination software is used for the bachelor's degree courses in the Department of Physics (BSc and BA), which is also used across the board in most other degree programs at the university.



You register for exams using this exam database. Your exams are booked here and you can use them to create an overview of your performence overview.


Please note the following:

  • A prerequisite for using the system is the activation of your S-Mail-Account. You received the access data with your enrollment. You can find information about the S-Mail-Account at the following link: S-Mail-Account
  • The documentation of services in KLIPS2.0 is divided into two phases: The exam registration, which you do yourself, and the performance registration, which is done by the examination office.
  • The various KLIPS functionalities are described in detail in the KLIPS-Online-Help. You can find more useful tips & tricks on the KLIPS-Sites of the Fachschaft.

All exams have to be registered!

  • Written exams have to be registered via KLIPS2.0.
  • Oral exams are registered in person at the examination office.
  • Registration for internships (A, B, M) takes place via the internship database.

If you have problems registering for the exam, if there are any discrepancies in the booking of services or services that are not yet shown in KLIPS2.0, please contact Frau Herrmann (Examination Office Physics).

For general questions you can of course also contact Herrn Dr. Warr (Student Advisory Service BSc Physics) or Herrn Dr. Klesse (Student Advisory Service BA Physics) .