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Quantum Information Science and Technology

In the scope of the Cluster of Excellence "ML4Q", courses in Bonn and Cologne from the following list can be taken to be acknowledged in the area of "Quantum Information Science and Technology".

The lectures "Quantum Information Theory" and "Platforms for Quantum Technologies" are strongly recommended. More information on the contents of each lecture and required knowledge can be found from the description of the lectures, see links.

Lecture Title / Topic

Description CP Semester
Platforms for Quantum Technologies (Cologne, Bonn, Aachen)    Detail 6 W/S
Quantum Information Theory   Detail 6 W/S
Computational Many-Body Physics   Detail 6 S
Topological Matter (and Quantum Computing)   Detail 3 W/S
Photons and Matter   Detail 3 W/S
Selected topics in Quantum Technology:
e.g. Quantum Error Correction, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  6 W/S
e.g. Quantum Computing Architectures, Disentangling Quantum Matter with Quantum Information Theory
  Detail 3 W/S
Further suitable courses as announced      
Core: Advanced Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics   Detail 6 W
Core: Quantum Optics    Detail 6 S
Core: Lasers and Photonic Devices   Detail 6 S
Elective: Advanced Topics in Quantum Optics   Detail 4 W/S
Elective: Advanced Topics in Photonics   Detail 4 W/S
Elective: Modern Spectroscopy   Detail 4 W/S
Elective: Ultracold Atomic Gases   Detail 6 W
Further suitable courses as announced      
Physics of Nanostructures   5 W/S
From Quantum Coherence to Quantum Information   5 W/S
Spinelectronics   5 W/S
Selected Topics in Mesoscopic Physics and Applications to Quantum   5 W/S


The amount of credit points (CP) listed above will be applied to external students only. Cologne master students receive CPs for the area of specialization in total (see handbook).