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Quantum Information Science and Technology

In the scope of the Cluster of Excellence "ML4Q", courses in Bonn and Cologne can be taken to be acknowledged in the area of "Quantum Information Science and Technology".

In this module, you will deepen previous knowledge, learn the basics of quantum technologies and specialize in one or more areas (matter, light and/or information), acquire and train new skills. This includes

  •  to understand fundamental concepts of quantum technologies and information,
  • to describe physical (matter- or light-based) platforms relevant to quantum technologies,
  • to understand the benefits and challenges of conventional and topological quantum technologies,
  • to translate theoretical concepts of quantum information into their physical realizations.

The module prepares for topics of current research in quantum technology and towards their own research activity within the master thesis. The module is subdivided into core courses, specialized courses, an advanced seminar and a research internship and contains Lectures, problem classes, seminar (optional), research internship (guidance to independent research; optional)

The lectures "Quantum Information Theory" and "Platforms for Quantum Technologies" are strongly recommended.

You can find the courses on Klips.