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In the Research Part you should independently work on a physical problem of current research using scientific methods. Part of this is also to reflect the significance of the problem in the scientific as well as in the social context. Students should train to gauge their professional qualifications, to self-reliantly enhance them and to cooperate with colleagues.

The Research Part consists of the modules Introductory Project I, Introductory Project II and Master Thesis. In general all these modules take place in one research group of the physics institutes. The projects worked on during the Research Part should have a meaningful overall coherence, should be documented as a hole in the Master Thesis and are presented to the scientific community in the colloquium.

The Research Part requires working in a team, research projects cannot be seen isolated as fellow group members or international collaborators usually rely on each other's results. Thus, you and your advisor are requested to meet and discuss the program and timescales of the project(s) before starting the Introductory Project I. This meeting should be documented by a protocol of the first advisory meeting which should be handed in to the examination office. This procedure ensures that all involved people rely on the same premise.