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Physics Studies in Summer Semester 2020: Studying successfully in challenging times

Update (07.07.2020): extension for theses, first dates for exams available

In spite of the current pandemic, the physics department is currently doing everything in its power to lay the foundations for successful studies in the summer semester. At the moment the boundary conditions for that are unclear and the situation changes daily (up-to-date information from the university can be found here

Nevertheless we want to do everything possible to start on 20.4.2020 with almost the full physics program. We are preparing for lectures, exercises, seminars all to be offered online. We are developing a wide range of different formats, including lectures on video, chats and video conferencing formats. You can register for various formates via Klips from 2.4.2020 on. We ask all students to do this to enable the planning of the online formats.

This is a huge challenge for physics and we can already promise that not everything will be perfect! Nevertheless, we want to meet this challenge - if the circumstances allow it. A special challenge will be to organize social life, which is also an essential part of your studies. Here the initiative and creativity of all of you is needed! Our digital world offers many opportunities for this, from social networks to gamer channels. Everyone can already start to foster contacts online. You might want to visit the virtual foyer created by the student representatives (Fachschaft) to do so:

On the technical side, all students should already prepare for our new online formats. Information on the technical equipment useful for online studies can be found at the bottomof this page.

If we all work together and support each other, we will be able to make this a successful semester. Also your constant feedback will be important to develop and improve a new teaching environment.

Information on examinations

Here is some information from the examination boards (BSc physics, MSc physics, Lehramt physics, status 07.07.2020, the regulations can be changed at any time depending on the general conditions):

  • As long as regular oral examinations are not possible, it is now possible to hold such exams in an online format, if the necessary technical requirements are fulfilled. You can find more detailed information about this at the bottom of this page.
  • Some lecture halls have been classified as suitable for exams with respect to the necessary safety and hygiene measures. However, there are only a few of such lecture halls across the whole campus. Thus, the examination boards have decided that the retake exams (Nachklausuren), which were cancelled in March 2020 due to the Covid-19, will take place in the semester break subsequent to the regular written exams of the summer term. This way, all students can focus on the lectures during the term and can prepare for the exams afterwards.
  • The first dates for the exams in the summer term are available (as of now only BSc/BA): "Kern- und Teilchenphysik" (20.07., 12-15 h), "Theoretische Physik II (Lehramt)" (20.07., 13-16 h), "Experimentalphysik I" (21.07., 9-12 h), "Vektoranalysis und Lineare Algebra" (27.07., 14.30-17.30 h), "Festkörperphysik" (28.07., 9-12 h), "Theoretische Physik II (QM)" (31.07., 12-15 h). It is now possible to register via KLIPS for these exams.  
  • In a few cases a successful examination serves as an admission requirement, these requirements are waived for the time being.
  • In exceptional cases it is possible to apply for an oral "online" examination via the chairpersons of the examination board replacing a written exam. Please request this only in really urgent cases, one condition is, for example, that you will not be able to finish your studies in time without the exam.
  • Provided that the hygiene rules are respected, also experimental Bachelor- and Master projects can be started again. The respective supervisors are responsible for the observance of the hygiene regulations. 
  • We can offer you first binding information on the practical course A (in German). Updated information for the lab courses can be found at the pages of Praktikum A, Praktikum B and Advanced Practical Courses M.
  • The final colloquia which are part of the Bachelor and Master thesis can in general be held in an online format.
  • For the time being, the deadline for handing in a thesis (BSc/MSc) is extended by 3 weeks.Please visit the page of the ZfL for the corresponding regulations in the courses BA and MEd. A Master or Bachelor thesis can be submitted electronically. Please contact the examination office (physik-pa(at) in this case.
  • Internal students who have successfully applied for the Master's program in the summer semester 2020, but have not been able to complete the Bachelor due to the cancellation of exams, can be enrolled in parallel for the Bachelor's and Master's program in the summer semester 2020. Similarly, if you come from some other university and want to enroll in the Master's program (summer 2020), you can enroll now and hand in documents proving the completition of your Bachelor (exmatriculation) later. Note that it is necessary to hand in all missing documents before enrollment into the winter semester 20/21.
  • Additionally, examinations which are taken between 1 April 2020 and 30 September 2020, and which are not passed, are considered not to have been taken. However, this does not apply to final theses, including the specialization seminars in the first examination according to DRiG/JAG NRW. Attention: It is also not possible to repeat an examination that has been passed in order to improve the grade.

Please do not hesitate to send a message to the student advisors, who are of course available to answer all questions you may have about your studies.

Joachim Hemberger, course coordinator BSc Physik: hemberger(at)
Petra Neubauer-Guenther, course coordinator MSc in Physics: petra.neubauer(at)
Course guidance BSc Physik (Nigel Warr, Rochus Klesse): Physik-BSc(at)
Course guidance BA Physik (Rochus Klesse, Nigel Warr): Physik-LA(at)
Course guidance MSc in Physics (Frank Lewen, Petra Neubauer-Guenther): master-physics(at)
Student representatives (Fachschaft Physik): fs-physik(at)

Further information