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Learn more about one of the most interesting and exciting field of studies, the fascinating aspects of physics research and the many career and job opportunities as a physicist. (in German)

Here you will find the university calendar, a collection of links for the lectures and detailled information on prep courses.

Bachelor of Science

Our bachelor program teaches the basics of modern physics. In three years, our students obtain a solid knowledge in mathematics, experimental and theoretical physics via lectures, lab courses, tutorials and seminars. While our master's program is in English, the bachelor is taught in German

In two years, our Master's students extend their knowledge and skills considerably and specialize in one or several areas of physics. An important element of the master's program in Cologne is the Master's thesis which brings our students in contact with the frontier of current research. The lectures of the Master's program are given in English.

Cologne offers a broad range of possibilities to participate in cutting-edge research in some of the most exciting fields in physics. Typically, a doctoral degree is obtained 3 years after the Master's (or diploma) degree (or 5 years after the Bachelor).

Directed towards gifted physics students with a Bachelors degree in physics, the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy is a 5-year graduate honors program leading directly to the PhD. The Graduate School is proud to be among the winners of the German Excellence Initiative as of October 2007.

Das Bachelorstudium des Unterrichtsfachs Physik kombiniert Teile der Bachelor- und Master-Studiengänge Physik mit eigens konzipierten Vorlesungen in theoretischer und experimenteller Physik, sowie mit Veranstaltungen in Physikdidaktik und einem erziehungswissenschaftlichen Begleitstudium. Es bereitet auf den Lehrerberuf an Gymnasien und Gesamtschulen vor und wird mit einem Bachelor of Arts abgeschlossen.

With the change of the examination regulations in the last years a number of courses do not accept new inscriptions any more. Here you find references for the contents of those courses.

Lectures of the department of physics can be used in a large number of other Bachelor programs. Here you can find information on the courses "Physics for Medical Students" and "Physics for Natural Scientists".

We assist talented and committed student of physics with their applications for appropriate grants and scholarships.

Here you find important addresses, information on the course guidance as well as the examination office and additional links.