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Bildnachweis: © Oliver Breunig
You are interested in our Bachelor of Science in Physics program?

In the following you can find information on the registration process for the BSc in Physics program. Please note that the language of instruction for this program is German!

Students can register online via KLIPS2.0 - currently until July 15, 2018. For the enrollment, you will need to prove your participation in our online selfassessment (see below).

International students are kindly requested to contact the International Office for further information.

Selfassessment for the BSc in Physics

The selfassessment should help you to figure out whether studying Physics would be the right choice for you. Please note that there is no passing grade - for the enrollment, you just have to do the assessment. Doing the selfassessment will take you about 30 minutes. The selfassessment is in German as this is the language of our Bachelor program.

For questions concerning the selfassessment, please contact Dr. Petra Neubauer-Guenther.