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Statistical and Biological Physics

Lectures in statistical and biological physics can be chosen from the list given below. The module is subdivided into core courses, specialized courses, and the advanced seminar. More information on the contents of each lecture and required knowledge can be found from the description of the lectures, see links.

Credit points and module descriptions are given according to the new examinations regulations.

Lecture Title / Topic

Core Courses
Introduction to Biophysics Detail4+29W
Evolutionary Biology and Genomics for Physicists Detail3+16S
Selected topics: Soft and Biological Matter Detail4+29S
Selected topics: Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics Detail4+29S
Specialized Courses
Computational soft matter physics Detail2+14.5
Information theory and statistical physics Detail3+16
Non-Equilibrium physics with interdisciplinary applications Detail2+14.5
Probability theory and stochastic processes Detail3+16
Introduction to Network Science Detail2+14.5
Physics in Medicine I:
Fundamentals of Analyzing Biomedical Signals (Bonn)
Advanced Seminars
Advanced seminar on Statistical and Biological Physics Detail23W
Advanced Lab Courses
Experiment and simulation biological systems Detail34.5W



The amount of credit points (CP) listed above will be applied to external students only. Cologne master students receive CPs for the area of specialization in total (see handbook).