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Advanced Practical Courses M I & II

On this page you find basic information about the Advanced Practical Courses M I & II of the Department of Physics at Cologne University. All further information is given in detail in this bulletin. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient run of the Advanced Practical Courses, we would like to ask you to read this bulletin carefully and to follow the instructions stated therein throughout the course.

Specific information about the individual experiments in the different experimental institutes can be found on the following webpages.

Registration for the Advanced Practical Courses M in winter term 2017/18

Registration for the Advanced Practical Courses M is possible via the online data-base. Registrations in groups of 2-3 students are possible and welcome, but nevertheless each student has to register individually. Please notice that every student has to register separately for each of the two Practiacal Courses M. The registration should only be done for the event of the coming semester. The student who registers first receives a group code, which has to be entered during the registration of the other student(s) in order to join the same group. Deadline for registration is October, 12th. Please note that the Advanced Practical Courses M in general requires a Bachelor degree. Alternatively, it is also possible to register already for a Advanced Practical Courses M if you have successfully passed the oral exam of the corresponding field of the Advanced Practical Courses B.

Briefing for the Advanced Practical Courses M in winter term 2017/18

On Monday October 16th, the briefing for the Advanced Practical Courses M will take place at 14:00 (in german) and at 14:45 (in english) in lecture hall 1 of the Department of Physics. Please note, that it is mandatory to attend this briefing in order to be allowed to perform the experiments in the Advanced Practical Courses M. For the  the Advanced Pratical Course M in bio physics there is, however, a special briefing on Monday October 16th at 13:00 in room 303 of the Institute of Physics II.

Registration for the exams of the Advanced Practical Courses M

Oral exams for the different Advanced Practical Courses M are offered regularly. You can look up the possible dates via the database. In order to register for an exam you have to contact Ms. Herrmann in the examination office. You can register for the oral exam as soon as you have succesfully finalized all four experiments of the corresponding Advanced Practical Course M.  Please note that you have to register at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your exam.

Pratical course M in elementary particle physics (Bonn)

The master students in physics also have the possibility to perform one of the Advanced Practical Courses M in elementary particle physics at Bonn University. In this case, the performance of the experiments and the examination follow the regulations of Bonn University. At the end of each lecture time there will be an organisational meeting in Bonn and the experiments are conducted during the lecture-free time. The students have to perform 2 experiments covering 5 so-called "labunits" (LU) and the grade is based on the performance during the experiments and the quality of the written reports about the experimental results.   Further informationen about the experiments and the organisation can be found here.


Additional information can be found in the module handbook