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Master of Science

The two year master program builds up on the bachelor program. Students acquire advanced skills to solve more complex problems. In this program students select their main and minor subject according to their interests from a considerable number of research areas covered by the Cologne physics institutes.

Our master's students extend their knowledge and skills considerably and specialize in one or several areas of physics. The master program in physics comprises a mandatory part of required courses (advanced quantum mechanics or statistical physics and an advanced lab course), as well as an optional part with a broad range of choices. An important element of the master's program in Cologne is the Master's thesis which brings our students in contact with the frontier of current research.

The master program will enable the student to solve independently interdisciplinary scientific problems. In particular the final module which includes the master thesis is aimed at this goal. Owing to its research oriented focus the Cologne master program prepares to a consecutive PhD program.

Admission to the master program requires a Bachelor of Science in physics or a comparable qualification. Details of the admission process are given beneath. Courses are given in English. Thus foreign applications to the master program are welcome.

The course program is divided into an obligatory section and an electoral section including research based main subjects, specific for the Cologne physics institutes.

The Master's program is embedded in the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy, BCGS. This joint graduate program run by the Universities of Bonn and Cologne has been funded through the Excellence Initiative since 2007.

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