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Next to the physics lectures we offer a series of public talks and colloquia on physics topics, in particular the General Physics Colloquium. Here you can find a complete overview.

 Here, you find the list of all courses given in this semester and the previous semesters. Details for the current lectures can also be found in the  KLIPS2 data base of lectures. Separate pages are available for beginner courses.

A long-term planning is available for the courses in the specialization areas of the masters courses.

Veranstaltungen für Hörer aller Fakultäten und interessiertes Publikum mit breiter physikalischer Ausrichtung

Since the summer term 2016, the KLIPS2 data base is used to register for for all physics courses, as used already in most other studies and the university.

At the start of every semester a number of special lectures are offered to beginners in the Physics BSc studies. In particular the block starters course is intended to provide a common ground for all students (in German)

To interested schools, the physics department offers the opportunity of close collaboration. We support internships and research projects designed for pupils and regularly arrange special events for schools, pupils and teachers. (in German)

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Schnupperpraktikum Physik

für Schülerinnen der 10. Klasse

Physik entdecken